With the release of C&C: Remastered Collection, we have got some feedback on how OS .BIG Editor handles the files there. And we have concluded that the previous releases of the program were incompatible with 32bits TGA files.

So, we have a new release of the OS .BIG Editor with the following features:

- Extract All window's size has been corrected.
- Creating a new directory when extracting files now updates the directory listing component at Extract All window.
- TGA reader from OS BIG Editor can now read 32 bits TGA files from C&C: Remastered Collection and other games properly.

So, that's it. Use this program to browse the .meg and .big files from this game (in this case, only .meg files) and many others games. Check the list of supported games here. And happy modding!

CnC.Community is online!
June 05, 2020 - 20:32
A new site CnC.Community is now alive! From the community of C&C fans for the community of C&C fans!

We want to continue building upon the C&C Community project over the coming months with more features and content, so we'd love to hear your input too! This an exciting time for everyone in the community right now, so if we can help more players discover C&C through this site, then it'll only help to grow the franchise for the future and prove to EA that we all still love C&C.

You will find news from many community sites there, guides on how to play C&C games, streamers for all games, the latest trends on maps and mods by community for the recently released Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection and much more.

Check it out at https://cnc.community/

Hello everyone! A few days ago we have added Forums for C&C: Remastered Collection at PPM. Now we are fully supporting the game at Project Perfect Mod Website as well. At the left menu, we have a C&C: Remastered Collection section with links for forums, some tutorials, the mods, and maps archive which will soon be downloadable and, finally, some starting tools and the source code. Everything you will need to start modding when the game comes live... which should be 10:00 on US Pacific Time Zone, less than 11 hours from now.

Finally, a word from our sponsor Messiah:

Enjoy the game!

C&C:Reloaded 1.5.0 released!
June 04, 2020 - 20:20
C&C:Reloaded 1.5.0 available with latest CnCNet support and tons of changes.

The most noticeable changes of this release are:
- Rework of the Tiberian Sun terrain (new resize method).
- Rework of Tiberian Sun objects such as infantry, structures, etc (the same new resize method from above). Some examples:


- Now the dominant game resource in single player campaigns will be respected: Ore & Gems in RA2/YR missions and Tiberium in TS missions. Ore resource is optional in multiplayer maps:

- New basic GDI ship: the amphibious Paladin

- Rework of the GDI fleet & gameplay balance:

- CnCNet Players Online indicator in the Main screen:

- 54 new multiplayer maps.
- Better TS vs RA2 damage balance.
- Lots of fixes & adjustments.

It can be downloaded in the downloads section
Or at ModDB:
Official C&C:R ModDB page
If somebody is interested to read the full changelog, please visit here:
Official changelog

Hey there PPM!

Last weekend I released my megamod for C&C Tiberian Dawn. It's called C&C Dawn of Tomorrow, and has been 10 years in the making! This single-player adventure includes 6 playable factions, 2 new campaigns with fully voiced and animated cutscenes, and 30 diverse and challenging missions to complete.

With C&C Remastered just around the corner, I thought now was the perfect time to release my mod for the classic version of the game so you had something to tide you over until remaster unlocks very soon. Check out the trailer below!

You can learn more and download the mod from my website, kilkakon.com/c&c

The following download mirrors are also available:
- EXE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jc6iti71tuivoax/c%26cdotsetup.exe?dl=0
- Zip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/znvdb4g47v16zrb/c%26cdot.zip?dl=0

Hello everyone! C&C: Remastered Collection will be released on June 5th and will be almost fully moddable. And we are quite excited about that, especially with the release of the source code of both TiberianDawn.dll and RedAlert.dll.

With that in mind, I've obviously taken the time to compile and analyze part of the code. And considering what I've seen, it was actually very easy to compile a tutorial on how to make a nuke tank without even seeing it in action or being able to play the game at all. Petroglyph has tested it exhaustively (or at least tested it) and they've documented the whole thing so well that we have been able to catch the whole step by step behind it.

So, we produly present our first tutorial:

-> Step by step on how to create Petroglyph's Nuke Tank {TD} **

For those wondering, yea, you will need Visual Studio and some C++ knowledge, but if you get used to it, it won'tb be much different from editing what you saw on INI files, except for few pointers that shows up once in a while.

Happy modding!

Hello everyone! We have recently opened the C&C: Remastered Collection Editing Forums at PPM.

For now, we have a place where you can improve your modding skills and get some help at the Editing Forums.

For those who wanna mess up with the game mechanics and code the DLL files run by the game, we recommend you to pay a visit at the DLL Editing Forum. Be aware that the source code for these DLLs was released recently by EA and we have a quick guide showing how to download it and compile it in a Visual Studio Community (which is free of charge if you are not a business).

If you already have Origin version and you have preloaded your map, you can already share your knowledge on how to map and help troubled users at the Mapping Discussion.

At the Tutorials Uplink you can share (or check) modding, map and coding tutorials.

And finally, the Mods and Maps Archives is where you can post your mods or wait your posted mod on the Steam Workshop to be fetched by our bot in less than 24 hours. You can post your opinions about the mods that get posted by the community. And the best of all, if people share their feedback there, we will be able to filter interesting material using our hashtags and our news system.

So, pay a visit, participate, and let's get a functional modding community. Welcome to Project Perfect Mod and its forums!


C&C: Remastered Collection will be released in June 5th and preloading for the game on both Steam and Origin stores were activated yesterday. While Steam users like me get a bunch of .csd and .csm files on depotcache directory, Origin users were able to access the .meg files that comes with the game and even the map editor, as the user FrostByteGER posted on reddit:

Exploring that same topic, Wilwheatonfan87 has posted the file structure of the game:

It is also worth nothing that the musics from MUSIC.MEG are in wav format, so it should be easy to manipulate and it is in a high quality, as expected.

If you have bought the game in Origin, please, share with us more information about the game, especially anything about this models.meg and all these textures and sfx2d meg files there. We wanna know how the graphics are stored for this game.