Scientific Articles
October 17, 2007 - 21:39
Project Perfect Mod is a place where we don't simply host a well known modding community. We have a group of scientists who are always researching inovative solutions to make the act of modding, game making and even the creation of graphics an easier task for human kind. In order to promote a better world, we share these discoveries with everyone. While modding is a hobby for us, if we have something to share and learn with scientists around world, we also write scientific articles for the best conferences around the world to help programmers anywhere to use the our techniques with any purpose with no royalty costs.

Here's the list of scientific articles published so far:

-> C. E. V. Muniz, E. W. G. Clua, "Finding Surface Normals From Voxels", In SIBGRAPI 2007 - Workshop of Undergraduate Works, PI, pp. 49-52. Click HERE for more details.

-> C. E. V. Muniz, A. Montenegro, E. W. G. Clua, "Fast Polygonization and Texture Map Extraction From Volumetric Objects Based on Surface Fairing Using a Modified Discrete Laplacian Operator", In SBGAMES2010 - Computing Track. Click HERE for more details.

-> C. E. V. Muniz, A. Montenegro, M. Lage, C. Nader, "Polygonal Mesh Extraction From Digital Voxel Art", In SIBGRAPI 2013. Click HERE for more details.