things you need: a vehicle/or just use one from da game, a rulesmd.ini, a good editing mind (not really if u read this)

1st:make a vehicle that has a turret. In this case i created a paladin tank from generals. the vxl i used is from Daz's work of converting the vxls.

2nd:Make a laser weapon or any other weapon you want.
then put OmniFire=yes in the weapon section like this. Use this one if you want to:


3rd: Now in the vehicle section go to the tank/vehicle you created and put the laser weapon you just created into primary= tag. if its got a another weapon then put the main gun into secondary. and dont use Omnifire= tag on the main gun or on the vehicle section.

4th:in the warheads section of the laser weapon warhead (in mine its PlaserWH) go to the verses then change into something like this:


5th:go to the main guns warhead change to something like


Note: if there are 1 or more weapons using this warhead create a new warhead with this verses tag on it.

When its done it makes the laser like in generals wit paladin tank or avenger fire on its own witout ever need of rotating of the turret and it will (also called the PointDefenceLaser) fire only at infantry and incoming ballistic missiles such as v3 types missiles. though only problem is that like in generals the laser how it fires on its own and the main gun attacks sometin else this wont work in ra2 and it wont attack every type of missile its really impossible only the ones in the general section in the ini. if you were going to complain 'just use the omnifire=yes tag' dont please, because you will understand why when you play. Well hope u enjoy.


Credits to Daz for the vxls he converted.