September 30, 2007 - 23:36
The movies below were recorded by Webboy, from the Chinese community My CnC, on December 11th, 2006, except for the last two which I won't reveal who did it since they weren't supposed to be recorded at all.

This was the very first day that we've visited EALA, at the CnC 3 Community Summit (Winter 2006). These videos show a bit of the studio and the people who run the major community sites. You'll see HeXetic (Planet CnC), Hypnotist (CNCNZ), John WE (CnC-Files), Assassin (CnC Source), Phoib (Derelict Studios), among others...

As I said above, the last two movies weren't supposed to be recorded at all. They take a bit of the presentation from Richard Taylor, the cinematics director. Richard showed the game trailer that was leaked to the community in the same day, storyboards, how they recorded the cinematics, the movies under development stages without sound and how does the sound does a hell of a difference. And... the old logo (that Hexetic loved so much)! There is also a presentation from Dragon, that could be recorded (and Webboy recorded that one).

These movies were recorded with unprofessional material and probably never meant to be released. It's been a while since the game has been released for a while and the final result is no longer a secret to anyone, I don't see any harm on releasing this material anymore. At the summit, we signed a non-disclosure agreement that expired a long time ago, on January 12th, 2007.

Movie 1:

Here we were leaving the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Rey. The whole group appears here.

Movie 2:

This is EA entrance and the guy nearby is JohnWE. Hexetic is also featured here.

Movie 3:

C&C In Da House! Building Captured! The C&C community leaders are entering in EA.

Movie 4:

Few minutes later. We go up the stairs, to the 'no alarm door' and the EA cafeteria.

Movie 5:

Burritos or Pancakes? Make your choice.. but don't lose the Toblerone, especially when EA is paying everything.

Movie 6:

This room is called the "Theater" and this is where we had most of the presentations, especially in the first day. On the second day, the community presentations were also there. Also, say Hi to Phoib.

Movie 7:

This is the start of Verdu's presentation when he says what is going to be displayed. Later, he talks to us about the Scrin faction, but that isn't featured in this video.

Movie 8:

This is a bit of Dragon's presentation. The guy is teh awesomeness! We were like children playing with a lot of cool toys on that presentation.

Movie 9:

Aaron APOC Kaufman promising us that will be playing the game soon.

Movie 10:

This is near the start of Richard Taylor's presentation where he shows some storyboards and the trailer.

Movie 11:

Few seconds later, the recording resumes, with more under development movies.