July 18, 2003 - 09:29
The mod is based on the planet that Tiberium originated from. That planet has been completely mutated, and the three sides all live, no, survive in that environment.

The most technologically advanced inhabitants, dubbed the Evolution, have taken to the skies in a bid to escape the Tiberium poisoning. Small but numerous cities are built high into the sky on supports, and are all interconnected, and this way they have been able to flourish and grow in numbers. Their researchers are the most intellectually gifted people on the planet, and have allowed the Evolution to adapt to living away from the Tiberium. Therefore, they have highly developed aerial forces and advanced hover and walker abilities.
The only Evolution inhabitants on the planet's surface are the Evolution Tiberia Mining Corp, and the Evo Army. This company provides the Cities with all of their money, so are the most powerful entity in their society.
The Evo Army is comprised of the Evolution's convicted criminals, as the Evolution have an extremely negative view on those wishing to cause destruction of property!

There are some inhabitants, however, who were either rejected to make the move into the skies, or were unable to move when the Evolution relocated. They have given themselves the nickname 'deGeneration' and have been badly mutated by the Tiberium. Although unrecognisable now, the deGeneration was formerly comprised of former prisoners, many civilians and deserters from the Evo Army. The mutations have had different effects on them all. Some of them have had enhancing effects, such as increased speed and agility, but all of their health levels have declined rapidly. Their army is comprised of 'old technologies’ that the Evolution abandoned and deemed obsolete. An 'old world' army, so to speak. Their main efforts concern the destruction of various Evolution Tiberia Mining Corp sites, and each attack has resulted in brutal military strikes by the Evo Army. But with the degeneration's recent unearthing of several 'alien technologies', the tide may soon turn.

The Evolution and deGeneration have a common enemy though: the New Tiberia Age. They are considered a terrorist group in the evolution society, and are considered to be a dangerous threat to the whole deGeneration race. The NTA is the result of numerous soldiers and Evolution inhabitants, who became disgruntled with the Evolution's superior and monopolistic control of people. Determined to bring a new way to the Evolution control system, and have the tools to do so.

hopefully the story'll evolve as the versions come out....